NoleWater (AMSK)


NoleWater (AMSK) is the dividend token of KsumNole (MSK), each 10,000 AMSK is the equivalent of 1 MSK. AMSK is a trading pair for MSK.
NoleWater (AMSK) will be used for:

  • Distribution for loyal MSK holders.
  • Funding small charity projects.
  • Getting Exclusive discounts on merchandise.
  • For tipping on social media platforms as a recognition for good deeds.
  • Usecase in a Dapp ( more info coming soon)

90 % of the nolewater supply is frozen and will remain frozen.

Currently the only way to access NoleWater is trough or participate in V.I.P bountys!

Coming soon! Project KARMA

Available supply: 901,565,421