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By Dizzy Dellavella Twitter: @James_RR_C

Today marks the end of a week long twitter poll hosted by TronSecure.

Firstly who/what is TronSecure?

TronSecure is a team that will utilize their TronSecure TRC token to operate and develop a transparent safe exchange-
which aims to be one of the first OOB (Open Order Book) cryptocurrency exchange specifically linking trx and eth’s tokenonomy, its first iteration aims to be released as hybrid cross-chain exchange for Ethereum and Tron. This also includes Trons TRX, And select TRC10, TRC20 and ERC20 tokens built on top of the aforementioned primary chains.

Why this is a great opportunity?

Not only are they an up and coming team of dedicated devs with a logical token a great platform, they also have given KsumNole an opportunity for new eyes and further liquidity as we develop towards our philanthropic goals!

Well thats where the twitter contest comes in!
Thursday March 7th KsumNole (MSK) placed first in a poll for a free listing winning against some top tron projects including SEED which scored 13%, TronEuropeRewardCoin (TERC) which scored 31% and TipaTrade which scored 7%.

After a slow start the community rallied together and we scored highest overall with a whopping 49% out of 1640 total Votes. A huge win for our community, our token, our mission and our roadmap!

So upon release of the TronSecure platform AMSK will be available to buy and sell for TRX and possibly even ETH!
If you participated in the voting for any of the projects a cyber high-five to you! Keep buidling.

By Dizzy Dellavella Twitter: @James_RR_C

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  • Joshja

    Victory, was great to see KsumNole between the big ,huge communities of SEED and TERC , adn WIN !!
    This is a good milestone and shoes the value of our community KsumNole .

    Who rules the Crypto World of Charity ………

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