The KsumNole Mission

By Dizzy Dellavella Twitter: @James_RR_C

The KsumNole Misson.

If you’ve been following Tron for any amount of time now you may have heard the name KsumNole thrown around. Its even worth a look to check,maybe you even have a KsumNole token already, in your wallet! Our mission is to bring together charity organizations to utilize the super fast and transparent system being built. Our tokens KsumNole and NoleWater will fascilitate this transparent system and create a means in which to monitor and scale the charity sector. Reduce fraud, reduce friction and make it easy for humans anywhere to receive the help they need to not only survive but thrive on our harsh and sometimes unforgiving planet. Right now, the percentage of charitable donations missused and misplaced is astronomical. Alhough many donations are made with the best of intentions, the list of organizations that make a profit off of philanthropy is easily one of the most disheartening parts of wanting to participate and engage in making the world a better place.

Thats why KsumNole was created. No ico, no presale, just a grass roots collection of tron users who chose to group together and participate by donating tron in order to become a VIP (very integral part). Being a VIP and participating in the minimum donation gets you invited to to the VIP lounge on telegram app where we share and build our platform. Any person on earth can be a VIP for a pretty small donation.

One of the goals for creating transparency will be to produce a dapp, one that anyone from anywhere can chose to go and see which charities are currently utilizing our platform to distribute and assign contributions through smart contracts. Borderless, feeless, fast, transparent and secure will be the fundamentals of what makes KsumNole the perfect platform to receive track and distribute charitable donations.

Since the release of the KsumNole Whitepaper our community has participated in the distribution of NoleWater which is the utility token for our platform! One day we hope to umbrella any and all charities under our token system and give peace of mind to anybody who wants to participate in donating to a charitable cause.

Not only will we make charity more efficient but we will continue to grow as a community. A place where people feel safe and their opinions are not ignored or under appreciated. So if you’re interested in doing your Very Integral Part, find out how you today could become a VIP and join us on the road to a safer, philanthropic, global ecosystem.

By Dizzy Dellavella Twitter: @James_RR_C

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  • Jos #KTTT

    Smoothly read and transparent view .
    This is what KsumNole 🌿stands for.
    Keywords that gives the ones in need,trust.
    CryptoAid in a Crystal Clear Project.
    Our Project, Your Project

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